Set Design for Qing Show, Qingdao, China 2019

Qing Show, Qingdao China

Finally after 4 years of work, research, concept, drawings, meetings, drawing back again and meeting over and over and re-drawings; the show finally appears live in Qingdao, China on April 29 2019.

Based on the story “Eight Immortals”

Creating concept, set design and props, costumes ideas…for LPC (Luc Petit Creation and Sunnac, China)


Toon boom Harmony learning

For the next 5 weeks I’ll be learning Toon Boom Harmony in Liège. So excited. Here are a few of my recent morning cartoons drawings. I have started 68 days ago.

Voici quelques exemples de dessins que j’ai commencé à faire depuis 68 jours maintenant, tout les matins. Dessin style “cartoon” pour faire de l’animation 2D avec Toon Boom Harmony. Début de stage à liège, trop hâte.


Dessin backgroundDessin background house