Still life ou Nature morte ?

Mes insomnies me font faire des choses parfois que je ne saurais expliquer. Voici une étude de drapée sur une chaise. Encore une chaise, cachée cette fois-ci. Bien hâte de la redécouvrir.

Coloured pencils on black paper

Still life from my insomnia. A draper’s study on a chair. Maybe it’s time for me to go to bed after all, my day is not over yet. I will come back on this kind of study. I like to do it. I will try in daytime to see what I come up with.

Birdhouse – Cabanes à oiseaux

Honey I’m home !

As you could guest from my title it’s the famous scene in the Shining from Stanley Kubrick with Jack Nicholson and Shelly Duvall in the bathroom. Concept design for Birdhouse.

Nice to meet you !

Une recherche de concepts pour des cabanes à oiseaux. Entres les transformateurs électriques de mon enfance au Québec et au USA, les caméras de surveillances (Nice to meet you – titre) et le casque de samouraï (parce que j’adore le Japon et l’époque EDO. J’imagine bien des oiseaux s’y nicher le temps d’un été pour fonder la famille.

Ici j’imagine une tête de lézard ou de dinosaure cartoon.

The purpose

Drawing of trees, ink on paper.

I thought that by adding small characters close to the tree a story began. what would that story be ? It’s up to us to create our story. I have no ideas why but it inspired me to create a forest of ghostly characters, hunting a forest.

Pencil and ink on paper.

My friends, my inspirational Artist from movies to littératures. Ghostly images in my memory coming alive in a forest. Don’t know yet if this will be part of a painting or stay as a drawing. Let’s see.

Hommage to M. Stanley Kubrick

Pencil on paper.

Hommage to one of my favourite film director M. Stanley Kubrick.

2001 space odyssey, Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon (best cinematography and the way he inspired himself from renaissance painters), Full metal Jacket, the Shinning and Eyes wide Shot. thank you for these great moments and memories.

Reading the book « Atomic Habits » and getting the this image of M. Stanley Kubrick