Exhibition – Michel Soucy / Yolanda & H


Exhibition ‘WAVES’

Paintings of Michel Soucy – Sculptures of Yolanda & H

30 December > 18 March 2017

The gallery BEGRAMOFF has the pleasure to present the exhibition ‘WAVES’ grouping abstract arts from Michel Soucy and sculptures from Yolanda and H. The exhibition will take place from January 30th till March 18th, 2017. The exhibition will be accessible from Monday to Friday from 10 am till 2:30 pm and by appointment (+32 (0) 470 55 71 10).

The Opening will be held on January 31st from 6 pm till 9 pm in the gallery.

The exhibition ‘ WAVES ‘ speaks about Nature, about its undulations, about its breath and about its essential and inseparable balance of Human. This exhibition allows us to discover Michel Soucy’s paintings as well as sculptures of Yolanda & H.

  • Michel Soucy imagines landscapes and transfigures them, in an abstract and subtle way, in apparently monochrome paintings. These abstract landscapes drive us towards our own imagination (Truman Capote: ‘ the landscapes are windows on the imagination of the characters ‘).

Michel Soucy writes: « the landscapes are, for me, abstractions of the Nature. By painting them, I keep intrinsically the way I feel in front of the unspeakable: a colour, a texture, a movement translate a cloudy spell, a happy or disturbing atmosphere….a window towards another world.

Times change! I forget for a while Figuration and I let me go towards exploration…

The contemplation of Colour stimulates the imagination and observation allows ceaseless and surprising discoveries. What does the color tell us? What fantasies, desires or plenitude do we feel in such an intimacy? Sky blue, yellow solar, red passionate, the nuances colour our thoughts, our hopes ».

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